BBQ Competitions and Showcasing on Snapchat

Thinking to go on a quest for the best barbecue around? Well, today we will pump you with some BBQ quests and smoky battles that can give you a lot of inspiration and ideas. These are some of the best grills, BBQ gadgets and oodles of some classical and hot recipes that were used in the competition. You can go through these and learn a lot of great things.

So here goes our list of top 5 BBQ competitions that were held across the globe in different countries, depicting their unique style and way of barbecuing in the most entertaining way.

1: International BBQ Fest

This quest is held since 1970 in Owensboro, KY and has become a hub spot for the pitmasters. Most of the local restaurants grilling teams and the pro-backyard bbq chefs come in the competition and show some of their secret BBQ recipes each year. A mind-boggling number of 80,000 people gather to sample their masterpieces, and this it’s one of the most famous competitions with music, arts, crafts and a car show to entertain the people.

2: Memphis in May World Championship BBQ Contest

If you’re traveling to Memphis then remember to travel during the month of May because you’ll encounter one of the best BBQ competitions there. It’s filled with delicious bbq recipes and it’s fun to watch some of the top chefs showing off their master class of barbecuing. Though it’s a hot month, but the joy of the festival never exhausts you. The spicy dishes are among their top picks.

3: Houston Livestock Show + Rodeo World’s Championship Barbecue

When it comes to Texas, only one thing comes to mind, Pork ribs, beef briskets and chicken smoked on aromatic woods most of which are the hickory, mesquite and oak and grilled by some of the top barbecue professionals in the world. One of their specialties is the choco-dipped jalapeno smoked and grilled. More than 300 teams participate in the competition and grill some of the most mouth-watering barbecue dishes.

4: Jack Daniel’s World Championship Invitational Barbecue

Held in Lynchburg, TN and is considered the most prestigious barbecue competitions in the world. Jack Daniel Hollow who is considered the masters of grilling in the world of BBQ also participates in the competition to compete for $10,000 prize with tons of other competitors who grill and smoke, pork ribs, butts, beef briskets, desserts and much more. More than 25000 fans of this bbq competition travel to Lynchburg, TN from different parts of the world.

5: Big Apple Barbecue Block Party

Held in New York NY, and drives a huge fan list with empty stomachs, ready to pound upon the tasty bbq dishes being cooked by the top grillers. Madison Square is the hub, where you’ll find yourself with some amazing and unique bbq dishes. You can also have a health conversation with the top chefs and learn about their techniques and ideas to try at home.

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